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Registration already start for“New Xiezhi Cup” The 13th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship
        The 13th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship will be held in Hong Kong – The Pearl of Orient at 26 March 2015 to 28 March 2015.
        In the past 12 years, we get many support and concern from the Martial arts colleagues and the public, which make us grow from nothing till now, become the greatest impact, the most participants, and the richest content championship in the world. There are totally more than 50 countries’ and more than 60 thousand wushuu lovers come and join us in the passing years. In the coming year, we shall work very hard to make it more abundant, fair and diversification. Make this Championship be the greatest event of the Wushu, and step into the Olympic Games, make all Wushu lover feel proud of it!……
Host:Hong Kong Wushu International Festival Committee
Golden Sponsor:Hong Kong Wu Shu Federation
Hong Kong Wushu International Championship
Guest List
V.I.P. Guests
Mu Hsiu Chien Shen Chin Liu You Zhen Tsung Kuang Yao Tseng Nai Liang
Wang Pei Kun Yang Shu Hua Peng Zheng Ting Xu Xue Li Ma Chun Xi
Wu Qi Liang Li De Yin Qian Yuan Ze A Lie Ke Shan Da HA LING CHUN
Wayne Yiu-Cheung Lai Xu Zhu Zhen Hsu Tsai Zhang Wen Guang Zhang Yao Ting
Activity(1) To choose the best coaches 2013-08-19
Activity(2) Exchange of Chinese and Foreign Martial Arts 2013-08-19
Activity(3) Hong Kong sightseeing、shopping and extra travelling 2013-08-19
Activity(4) Macau sightseeing (one day) 2013-08-19
Activity(5) Wushu film star autograph session 2013-08-19
Activity(6) Grading System (DAN SYSTEM) of Chinese Wushu Examination 2013-08-19
Activity(7) World elite martial arts performance 2013-08-19
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 HK WuShu International Championship
    “New Xiezhi Cup”13th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship was completed finally, thanks for all your support .
HK Wushu Festival Committee
1st April 2015