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[9 Activities]  
[9 Activities] of 15th Anniversary Celebration
1. Awards ceremony of Ziliang Cup” Excellent Coach and Civil and Martial Athlete Election Celebrating 15th Anniversary
        It takes ten years to grow trees but a hundred years to rear people. If Chinese teenagers are strong, China will be strong. Athlete group with over 10 participants can elect one outstanding coach, and the coach will nominate an outstanding athlete. The coach is required to give a nomination speech lasting at least 15 seconds, and the athlete is required to give a acknowledge speech to the coach for two to five minutes. The committee will invite the judges to score the outstanding athletes. For the athletes who give an excellent speech, the coach will be awarded with 1,000 yuan, and the coach and athlete will be respectively awarded with outstanding coach and outstanding athlete trophy. And the unqualified will be awarded with consolation prize 500 yuan. It is aimed at encouraging athletes to learn both the literature and Wushu and cultivate more social activists in Wushu for the development of Wushu. The coaches and athletes must wear Chinese tunic suit or suit and tie. Females can wear cheongsam or dark color suits.

Scoring condition
Scoring points
Nomination speech of coaches (30 pts)
The speech is appropriate. The coach must wear Chinese tunic suit or suit and tie. Females can wear cheongsam or dark color suits.
The coach should explain how and why he nominates this athlete.
The speech of athletes
(20 pts)
The content focuses on Wushu theme, and it should be specific and touching. The speech should tell the experience and achievement of practicing Wushu, and express the gratitude for the coach and outlook the future of Wushu. The speech should be terse and fluent, and provided with high ideological level.
Language erformance and appearance of the athlete. (20 pts)
The coach must wear Chinese tunic suit or suit and tie. Females can wear cheongsam or dark color suits.
The speech should be mandarin, Cantonese or other national language. The athlete should be articulated and sonorous.
The speed should be appropriate and it is required to express skillfully the speech content.
The athlete should be spirited and showed his understanding on the speech with proper use of postures, gestures and expressions.
Extra point: speech without notes; speech time (30 pts)
The coach or the athlete gives speech without note during the whole process. The speech time of a coach should be 15s to 1min and that a the athlete should be 2 to 5 minutes.

2. Wushu Calligraphy and Painting Work Contest and Auction of 15th Anniversary Celebration
        The poetry, calligraphy and painting art tournament will continue to be held in 2017 15th Hong Kong Wushu International Championship. The main creation themes are martial spirit, knight’s cultures and Wushu heroes. We hope to take this opportunity to stimulate more artists’ creative passion to compose much more and brilliant art pieces.
        The closing date of such event is August 1st, 2016. Hong Kong Wushu International Championship organizing committee will structure professionals to make evaluation. The event will have 10 first prizes and a number of 2nd, 3rd and excellent prizes. In order to completely eradicate counterfeits, the committee will only exhibit the works contributed by the author or professional auction companies. The event will not charge any fees, and all the works will not be returned, but will be given a collection certificate. The committee will elect the first prize work and provide it for auction upon the approval of the author. The earnings will be in the possession of the author, and the committee will not charge any fees. In case of abortive auction, the committee will buy the work with 1,000 yuan. All entries will be collected in the Hongwu Hall, and the author will be awarded with certificate of merit and collection certificate.
        The art gallery of Hongwu Hall is founded this year, and it will recycle the works with the stamp of Hongwu Hall at 20 percent discount.
1. The committee is entitled to use the works of participants without compensation.
2. The committee reserves the rights of explanation for all the items and provisions.
3. Kung Fu Movie Star Meeting
        This is our traditional to have a Kung Fu Movie Star meeting and will take photo with their fans and Wushu lover and be the presenters for some of the Awards
4. Back In Time” Group Photo of the Referees 15 Years Ago
        In order to celebrate the 15th anniversary and thank the supports of the organizers and referees 15 years ago, this event invites them to reunite in this celebration. As old friends, we will take a group photo to mark the occasion of Chinese Wushu.
5. Million Pure Golden Weapons Opening Ceremony of 15th Anniversary Celebration
        In last year, the committee spent 2 million yuan in building the memorial symbol—golden cudgel, which is made of 5kg 24K pure gold. It is for the participants to enjoy the sight. This year, the committee will continue to build another meaningful weapon—the Heaven Sword. Also, the jade ancient weapons exhibition will be held. The committee expects these outstanding artworks to bring positive energy that facilitates the publicity and popularization of Wushi in the society.
6. Macao sightseeing tour
        Macao one-day tour: in order to enrich the activities of participants, the committee cooperates with the travel agency to provide Macao one-day tour at ¥500/person, including HK-Macao ticket, guide fees, lunch, tourist bus fees and tourist insurance. The tour will start fro m Hong Kong in the morning and end at Gongbei port, Zhuhai. Then all tourists return to mainland by themselves.
        Macao two-day tour: ¥900/person, including HK-Macao ticket, guide fees, lunch at March 20, breakfast at March 21, tourist bus fees and tourist insurance; hotel fees for one night and free activities the next day). In the morning at March 20, the team will start together with the one-day tour, and then arrive at hotel at night. Tourists can enjoy free activities at March 21, and will be returned to Gongbei port. Then all tourists return to mainland by themselves.
        All participating athletes who are willing to enjoy the tour should pay full amount of travel costs. Besides, the committee can book “Zhuhai-Shenzhen ticket” and hotels in Shenzhen for participants.
7. Martial Virtue Election
        Last year, a lot of participants returned money found and were ready to help others. This festival will add Martial Virtue Award to reward them with trophy, certificate and cash as an encouragement.
8. Awards Ceremony of Overseas Wushu Promotion Ambassador
        At this festival, the committee will issue “Overseas Promotion Ambassador” certificate to all overseas participating teams in order to thank those who dedicate themselves in spreading Chinese Wushu.
9. Award Ceremony of Training Base of Hong Kong wushu International championship
        For the purpose of promoting Wushu, the committee will select the training bases fro m primary-level organizations that have certain influence, and provide them with necessary material support and assistance, as well as hold the award ceremony for them.
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