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[7 competitions]  
 [7 competitions] of 15th Anniversary Celebration
1. Wushu Taolu (Routine) Competition
A.   For Individual, Dual and Group Event: we will separate to the mainland of China and Overseas.
B.   Individual Event: It will be matriculated respectively by Group, Event and Gender, the top 8 will have ranking.  The Winner can get a medal and certificate.  The 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up have medal and certificate, the others will have a certificate.
C.   Dual Event: Dual events admitted the first 8 athletes respectively according to their event only, no age and gender limit. For Tai Chi/ Push hand, will count the youngest age in the team, the others count the eldest. The top 3 will get medal and certificate respectively, others will have certificate. 
D.   Group Event: Tai Chi will count the youngest age in the team, the others will count the oldest.  Certificates will be provided to the Winner, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up.
2. “King of Kings Micro Wushu” 100 Thousand Cash Award Competition
The field size for “King of Kings Micro Wushu” is 6m*4m and the time limit is 50 seconds.
The competition rule applies scoring appraisal system. The first, second and third prize can be elected after single competition. After the field is reduced, the running of the athletes can be reduced, and the technical level of the traditional Wushu can be performed to the largest degree.
3. 15th Anniversary Celebration King of Kings Wushu Group Competition
This award is set for the purpose of promoting the popularization of Wushu and encouraging foreign and domestic athletes to participate in this event. It requires at least 40 athletes to participate, and the total points will be scores multiplying number of athletes. The team with higher points will rank the top of the list.
4.Taekwondo Invitational Tournament
A.    Individual and dual Event: the top 3 will get medal and certificate respectively base on the 1/3 number of participants.
B.     Group Event / Taekwondo Dance / Exercise: the top 3 will get medal and certificate respectively base on the 1/3 number of participants.
C.     Requirement for “Martial Spirit Award”, the team must have over 20 athletes.
5. Tai Chi Rouliqiu/ Qigong Exercises/ Wushu Exercise/Tai Chi Ball/ Distinctive of Martial Art performance
A.   Group Tai Chi Rouliqiu/ Qigong Exercises/ Wushu Exercise / Tai Chi Ball/  Distinctive of Martial Art performance: the top 3 of each group will get medal and Certificate respectively base on the 1/3 number of participants.
B.   Qigong Exercises / Distinctive of Martial Art performance and Tai Chi Rouliqiu, medals and certificate will be issued to 1/3 of the participators of the events, Winner, 1st Runner-up and 2nd Runner-up. The content of Distinctive of Martial Art needs to get approval from the committee before competition. Bring your own instrument.
6. Duan Exam
This is the 9th time we host this with the China Wushu Association.  We have 3 athletes passed the 8th Duan Exam and we will still continue this year. Grade 1-3 will be certified by the competition results, Grade 4-6 need special individual evaluation, Grade 7-8 Training Evaluation.  You have to fill in another form especially for the Duan Exam and all the information China Wushu Association needed.
7.King of Sanda Championship
A lot of Wushu practicers only practice routine or sanda. China will be strong if the young is strong. In order to facilitate the popularization of Chinese Wushu sanda, the event adds children group (lower than 9 y/o) and juvenile group (10 to 13 y/o). The ranking depends on age and levels instead of genders; for the junior group and adult group, the ranking depends on age, levels and genders. The registration quota is 200 and the preference is given to the juvenile. For the children group and juvenile group, it is prohibited to beat head or hug. Only one fist-and-feet attack at one time is allowed, and the attack should be stopped as long as the referee calls it a stop. One hit wins one point. The time limit is one and a half minutes.
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