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  Individual Taolu “King of the Kings” Supreme Award 2016-04-01

    There will be $100,000 cash award for this special Award.  The item fee for this Award will be USD35 and you can get a give value at USD70.  The winner of this ward of each category can get HK$15,000, 1st Runner-up will be HK$7,000 and 2nd Runner-up will be HK$300, all will get a medal, the winner will get an extra track suit.  The coach of the Winner can get a Trophy and track suit too.


    You need to take part in 3 items, Quan, Instrument and Dual to be take part in this Award.

    We divided this into 4 category, Chang Quan, Nan Quan, Tai Chi and Traditional.  The limitation for this Award is 150 only.  We will count the average score of this 3 part (double score for the Dual event) and pick the highest score to be the Winner. So there will be totally 4 winners in the 4 category.  Result will be announced at our Official Website at 4 April 2016.



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