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  Activity(4) The Craft, Painting and Photo Competition 2015-07-21


The Craft, Painting and Photo Competition

To promote the Chinese Martial Arts to the public, we hold this competition.  We will have one Winner, 2 1st Runner-up, 5 2nd runner-up, 10 Recognition Award.  All of them will get a trophy and certificate.  And the Committee can use this for promotion and exhibition use.  All this will be reveal at the venue of the Wushu Championship.

Requirements: everything need to reflect and about Wushu

Selection: The Committee will set up an expert committee to review all of them.  Results will be announced at the Official Website of The Hong Kong Wushu International Championship at 1st Jan 2016.

Deadline: 1st Dec 2015.

Remark: 1. The Committee have the right to use the portrait of the participants free of charge. 2. The Committee have the final right of interpretation.

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